What is Technological Adaptability?

Technological adaptability is the ability to learn and comprehend new technology with confidence and without fear. Being somewhat adaptable is required just to function in our world of changing technology. Being truly adaptable in technological environments is a highly prized skill in today’s workplace. We often hear about the need for current technology skills. However, people need more than knowledge of the latest trending software; they need to be able to adapt to new technologies easily. As technology continues to grow exponentially, individuals must become more and more adaptable to keep up with the constant changes. Technological adaptability can be taught, can be learned, can be expanded, and can be researched. Because Technodaptability has only touched on this skill peripherally, multiple markets are filled with opportunity for growth in this area. We need more and more ways to keep us adaptable and to keep our technological adaptability growing.

Online Courses

  • Technological Adaptability 1: Developing Basic Technical Skills This course uses videos and exercises to start building the skill of technological adaptability. Available at:
  • Technological Adaptability 2: Growing Your Technical Skills To come Fall 2020
  • Teaching Technological Adaptability To come in 2021 

Onsite Workshops and Courses

Dr. McMichael is available to teach onsite workshops or courses. Though she specializes in training instructors how to teach this method, she  does teach technological adaptability itself in some instances.         

Originally developed for technical writing students, Technological adaptability training is a proven commodity, having prepared students for an ever-changing workforce since 2010. Technological adaptability training prepares an individual to face a brand new technology without fear, while learning to function quickly and easily. The training has the added benefit of providing a bit of experience with new software packages as well. The training itself is neither easy nor quick; however, it is VERY, very effective. Technodaptability is a new concern and will be expanding offerings throughout the next coming years.

Dr. McMichael has a tried and true method of teaching technological adaptability, one that has been tested for years in the classroom. Former professional and technical writing students have commended the class, noting that it assisted greatly in their careers. For institutions that teach computer training of any kind, a class in technological adaptability may be a logical addition to your current catalog of courses. Technodaptability will train your instructors in teaching subskills, designing exercises, and dealing with issues that tend to arise during such a class. Adaptability training can be challenging for both the instructor and the student, though we know ways to make that process a bit less stressful.


Our Trainer and Our Training

Dr. Melonie (Lonie) McMichael has been teaching professional and technical writing for a decade: first at Texas Tech University -- She graduated in 2010 with a PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric -- and then later at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.   With over a decade of experience as a technical writer in high tech companies before that, Melonie brings both scholarship and industry knowledge to the training environment.

After working as a technical writer, Melonie decided to pursue graduate courses in technical communication. She was horrified to discover that technology was seldom taught in technical writing classrooms. One professor explained the reasons:

  • To teach technology as we teach writing would require a great deal of time on the behalf of the instructor, time that few have to devote to such a task.
  • Technology changes quickly. The technology we teach today will be out of date soon.
  • We cannot know what kind of technology our students will face, since new technologies are often coming into vogue.

Each of these are true. And yet, technology training is important for any budding technical writer.

Looking back over her time as a technical writer, Melonie realized that she had been exposed to many software programs in a short period of time which allowed her to adapt to new technology quickly. She has taken that experience and morphed it into books and courses that can help others become comfortable with the changing world of technology.

Dr. McMichael's book, Technological Adaptability, is available on Amazon and from Ingram Book Company.

Instructional Design Consulting

Adaptability training is already in high demand, though few people call it by that name. Individuals are struggling to deal with technology at school, in the workforce, and even in their personal lives. They want this training.

The program created by Dr. McMichael is quite flexible. It can be adjusted to emphasize different disciplines, areas of interest, job functions, and ages. Technodaptability can help you develop courses or programs in technological adaptability that will meet the needs of your clients.

The method of training developed by Dr. McMichael can be used to supplement other forms of training as well. It can provide long-term results while being very appealing to those who are already technologically adaptable. Such individuals can find most rote training too slow to be valuable. Technodaptability can help your training team develop materials that will appeal to your adaptable clients.

Application Consulting

Technological adaptability is a skill which becomes more necessary every day. People are hungry for ways to become adaptable, which means the market is lush with opportunities for fostering adaptability: games, apps, programs, learning systems, and tools. Anything that cultivates adaptability can have great selling potential. If your company is interested in producing a product that fosters adaptability, Technodaptability can assist your team in developing your product so that it will appeal to your customers while enhancing technological adaptability skills.

Events,   Articles

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